Breed description

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel (CKC) is an english toy spaniel very popular in Great Britain and France. He was in vogue at the royal courts of the 17th and 18th century. From this state of “Dog of Court”, the CKC has kept a proud gait and an asserted personnality.

The CKC is a loyal, joyful, player and loving dog. Having a big intelligence, he is very sociable and doesn’t like loneliness.

As companion, he loves home comfort but big walks too, and games with children, with whom he becomes easily an accomplice. Near of his owner, he’ll know how to give you satisfaction and fondness.

The CKC is available in 4 colours :

Food : You moust keep an eye on him because he is very glutton. Some of them have difficulties to eat the two first years but it changes quickly. Don’t give traditionnal food because there is always a deficiency in mineral salts and vitamins. Most of them develop an allergy to beefmeat.

Health : no special problem but the Kennel club try to abolish eye disease and mitral valve disease. Life of a CKC fluctuate between 12 and 14 years.

Grooming : the CKC needs little cleaning. A deep coat brush with a bristle brush and a heavy comb every month is enough. No more a bath per month. (Use vison or jojoba shampoo and after-shampoo cream). Clean the eyes with physiological serum and take off wax and hair from ears.

For more details about the breed, consult the very good french website :