Breeding history

From childhood, I have a passion for dogs. I consider them like friends. So, at the age of 16, I decided to study in dog breeding and then in dog grooming at the French National dog’s school of St Gervais d’Auvergne.

During a trip organized by the school, I felt in love with the Cavalier King Charles. They have a so lovely expression that we can’t resist a very long time.

After that, in 1996, my parents offrered me a CKC : a tricolour female called Méyane. (photo on the left)

In 1997, I bought two news females CKC, half sisters, one tricolour (called Neidje) and one blenheim (called Naïla). (photo in the center)

In 1998, my first female Méyane gave birth to a little puppy that I called Océane. I was really enjoyed to help her to drop. (photo on the right)

Since, I call my breeding “Of Lovely Valley” because of the beautiful representation we have from our house.

Many CKC have joined us and many puppies have borned.

And many others will come...