Grooming at home :

the comfort for your dog !

All equipment is taken by me, including the table.

Grooming of all breeds (bathing, combing, shearing, cutting with scissors, hair removal, emptying anal glands...).

Tips an dtricks on dog care.

Sale of products on demand (shampoos, perfumes, etc...).


Best advantages :

- more hygienic : your dog doesn’t meet fleas or others dogs ‘ illnesses (common bath, towels, etc...)

- a personnalized service

- more conviviality : the dog owner could keep an eye on the groom.

- no stress : you don’t let your dog in a foreign place.

- time saving : no moves, only a phone call.


Possible sectors :

53 Mayenne : Bais - Couptrain - Evron - Lassay les Châteaux - Le Horps - Pré en Pail - Sainte Suzanne - Villaines la Juhel

61 Orne : Alençon - Carrouges

72 Sarthe : Ballon - Beaumont sur Sarthe - Bonnétable - Brûlon - Conlie - Fresnay sur Sarthe - La Fresnaye sur Chédouet
La Suze sur Sarthe - Le Mans - Loué - Malicorne sur Sarthe - Mamers - Marolles les Braults - Montfort le Gesnois
Sablé sur Sarthe - Saint Paterne - Sillé le Guillaume

Examples of grooming :, site de recherche de toiletteurs avec recommandation de Clients

For more details on the possibles sectors or services, contact us.

(Annabelle is a groomer of the firm “ Fri’zou”, see  “Links” for details)

Others groomers are availables in France, consult the Fri’zou website.